Sunday, 26 March 2023

Non-Billboard 1961, Music Vendor Part 2


1. Hugo & Luigi - La Pachanga (2:19)
2. Hugo & Luigi - Bimbombey (2:22)
3. Chuck Jackson - The Breaking Point (2:20)
4. Chuck Jackson - My Willow Tree (2:44)
5. Joni James - Somebody Else Is Taking My Place (2:42)
6. Joni James - You Were Wrong (2:03)
7. The Limeliters - Paco Peco (2:12)
8. The Limeliters - A Hundred Years Ago (2:00)
9. The Limeliters - Milk And Honey (1:54)
10. The Limeliters - Red Roses And White Wine (2:18)
11. Arthur Lyman Group - Honolulu Nites (2:10)
12. Arthur Lyman Group - (The Sloop) John B. (2:48)
13. Arthur Lyman - Honolulu Nites '65 (S) (2:26)
14. Johnny Mathis - Laurie, My Love (2:25)
15. Johnny Mathis - Should I Wait (Or Should I Run To Her) (2:48)
16. Clyde McPhatter - Your Second Choice (2:25)
17. Clyde McPhatter - Same Time, Same Place (2:23)
18. Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is The Only Thing (2:16)
19. Mickey & Sylvia - Love Lesson (2:22)
20. Lou Monte - Sixteen Tons (2:14)
21. Lou Monte - A Good Man Is Hard To Find (1:44)
22. Christian Morandi - Dear Gesu, Bambino (Caro Gesu - Bambino) (2:38)
23. Bruno Pallesi - Caro Gesù - Bambino (2:16)
24. Jane Morgan - Love Makes The World Go ‘Round (2:19)
25. Jane Morgan - He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely (3:03)
26. The Playmates - One Little Kiss (2:22)
27. The Playmates - Wimoweh (2:13)
28. The Playmates - Tell Me What She Said (2:18)
29. The Playmates - Cowboys Never Cry (2:54)
30. Perez Prado & His Orchestra - Julie Is Her Name (1:45)
31. Perez Prado & His Orchestra - Be True To Me (Sabor A Mi) (2:09)

Link and complete track-list in the below post

Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Content of the blog

Above: the last Post, 
Below (before Project Description): other recently added Posts
Country 1944-1969 : 68,9  66,7  64,5  62,3  60,1  58,9  56,7  54,5  52,3  50,1  48,9  46,7  44,,5  tracks
R&B 1942-1969 : 68,9  66,7  64,5  62,3  60,1  58,9  56,7  54,5  52,3  50,1  48,9  46,7  44,,5  42,3  tracks
Hot 100 & BU Hits of the 60's : 69  68  67  66  65  64  63  62  61  60  track-list
An aggregate sheet of all US charts 1954-1969:
US Charts 1954-1969


Monday, 13 March 2023

Very Best of The Bachelors 1973


Link and track-list below

Rip from the original LPs, from my collection.

Nine tracks had not previously been released in the UK

Thursday, 9 March 2023

British Hit Singles 1979, Parts 7-12


Links and track list in the post below

1979 is the last year in the series. Several fantastic songs, also lots of trashy music that does not stand the time test and does not belong to this blog. Only 7’’ Single Edits are included.

Parts 1-11: UK Chart, all Top 40 entries in chronological order (no EPs and re-issues) & selected 40+

Part 12: 40+ cont. + uncharted + flips – my subjective selection and the best part to me

Sunday, 5 March 2023

US Minor Hits 1970 Part 5 & Part 6


Links and track list in the post below

The already posted files contain all US Top 20 hits, released also in the UK. I have decided to add some more hits from Hot 100 - my subjective selection. I’ve been selecting rather hits that are a continuation of the music from the 1960s, not representing new trends of the 1970s. Many such hits in 1970 and I have selected 6x30=180, many of them released in 1969, single edits only, several B-sides.

1. The Turtles - Eve Of Destruction (2:37)
2. The Turtles - Wanderin' Kind (2:08)
3. The Vogues - God Only Knows (2:47)
4. The Vogues - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (3:30)

Tuesday, 21 February 2023

US Charts 1954-1969: Cash Box, Music Vendor (Record World), Billboard (all Charts) As & Bs The Comparison Table


The spreadsheet has been completed, 31 564 rows/2 = 15 782 records. All songs that entered the US charts + flips. The comparison also comprises the UK Chart and other European charts. To open, go to
click the link US Charts 1954-1969. The spreadsheet opens in few seconds and I suggest to download in Excel format. Instruction how to extract data from this spreadsheet can be also found in “Content”. 
Titanic work, data have been manually re-written from various books and bugs can be expected. 
I would greatly appreciate your help in the debugging process

Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Rare Brit Pop, Discog...s of Lost Artists Pt. 166: Jill Day; Hylda Baker


Link, track-list and wish-list below

Artists that started before 1967 = no psychedelic-only Artists. Only good copies. All tracks are remastered, many from the original 45’s (from my collection).

A booklet with Artist Biographies has been added, preceded by extensive research. Your comments, amendments/additions to Artist Bios, are very welcomed.

Please help me with the wish-list (updated 03.02.2023). Many thanks to all the supporters so far, Jerry, WiMa, Pavel, Dusty, Dean, David and Jaimoto first of all.

Friday, 27 January 2023

Billboard Charts 1940-1969 completed, As & Bs



Top Pop; Hot 100 & BU; Country; R&B; Easy L.
total number of tracks: nearly 40 000

one flip missing:  
Red Herring - Wasting My Tears (Country '60) 

      Started 5 years ago with 5% - many thanks to all the supporters.

      Links to all charts in “Content”.

Friday, 16 December 2022

Italian Hit Parade 1970-1979


Links and track-list

Many American, British and French Artists recorded also in Italy, “in Italiano”. These recordings did not enter Hit Parade Italia, in majority, and are collector’s items today. Moreover, many 45s recorded by famous, world-known Italian Artists did not enter this Chart, though they deserved it: Fausto Papetti, Ennio Morricone, Nini Rosso and many others. Such songs create the Supplement (IHP Bubbling Under) to already posted files – 14 Parts,.

Moreover, selected hits from Hit Parade Italia 1970-1979 have been added – 5 Parts.

All my subjective selection. 

Please share your comments.

Saturday, 19 November 2022

French Hit Parade 1959-1969 – remastered and revised


Charts criteria, links, track-list:
the below post

All files have been revised:

1. Track-order has been changed, such that entries from the same 45 are grouped

2. More Flips and UnCharted have been added.

Please share your comments and remarks.

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Deutsche Hit Parade 1969


     DHP completed, 2703 tracks:
·         all Hits that charted from 1959 to 1969
·         majority of flips
·         some 250 uncharted 45’s (As & Bs), mostly of  US/UK Artists
all remastered and properly tagged.

If you like DHP, please leave a comment. Your feedback is essential to me!!!

 Links and Track-list below

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Access to the updated Google Spreadsheet with passes


From 19.01.23 the updated spreadsheet with passes is stored as Google Spreadsheet.

1.       It is more convenient to me – updates are automatically stored. All other spreadsheets of the blog are also in this format.

2.       The blog has 1500 visitors weekly (200 daily) and zero comments, with exception of few visitors-helpers. I would like to remind the main message of the blog:

“Creation of the Let The Good Times Roll Club, the Society that shares the same passion, that is willing to exchange comments, was my goal and that’s why I have added passes”

I’m not expecting “thank you” each time I post a new file. However, I expect content-related notes (bugs, amendments, remarks, etc.). If you are collecting rarities, then you have to have such notes, at least one a year.

If you want an access to the updated Google Spreadsheet, then please contact me again, via Contact Form, via Facebook or e-mail. There is a small number of old time friends of the blog and I would like to apologize them for this inconvenience.

Thursday, 22 July 2021

US & European Charts, Lost Artists - Project Description, Terms of Participation & Comments

The Music Part of the blog has been launched in Oct. 2018. During the first 1.5 years, thousands of anonymous downloaders and less than 100 Active Followers, Project Supporters. Therefore, from Spring 2020, passes are added to new and updated files and
passes are visible to Active Followers only. 
The initial group of Active Followers formed the initiating group of Let The Good Times Roll Club. My reflections after five years can be found here

You may apply to the Club by supporting the blog directly by finding: 2. bugs
or indirectly, by making a donation  
PayPal , 1$=4.5PLN, e.g. 20$=90PLN (average cost of one 45: vinyl + shipment + duties)

Creation of the Let The Good Times Roll Club, the Society that shares the same passion, that is willing to exchange comments, was my goal. 
To apply, receive a link to spreadsheet with passes (1), please read carefully the below guideline and contact me via Contact Form (preferred) or Facebook,
Please identify yourself, describe what are your musical preferences, and first of all: what form of the blog support you plan. "what is the password" request will be unanswered.

(1) The spreadsheet consists not only the library of passes but, first of all, the register of all already posted files, documentation of all updates.

Google Drive cloud is used: 1. not banned worldwide, 2. updates are uploaded automatically, 3. no pop-ups, 4. no Time2Delete – no need for re-ups, 
all links are active as long as I'm paying for the Google cloud.

Every single track is (will be) remastered (2), iZotope RX7 licenced software and Audacity freeware are applied.
(2) remastering = fixing any shortcomings of the ripped vinyl or the transferred CD track (de-click, de-noise, normalization, intro/outro silence). The frequency spectrum is not "improved", it remains unchanged, as the norm.

Instead of donation (indirect support), you can buy missing 45, rip it and send mp3 to me and this is the preferred (direct) way of support

Friday, 16 July 2021

60's British Lost Pop & other Lost Gems saved from oblivion

Brit Lost Pop 60's*; 
Discographies of  Artists that
- didn't chart and/or
- are difficult or impossible to find on CD.
* Artists that started before 1967, also 
   selected recordings of the 1950s
   all 45s and selected album tracks 
   (full albums in exceptional cases)

BI 01   BL 01  BL 02  BL 03  BL 04  BL 05 
BL 06  BL 07  BL 08  BL 09  BL 10  BL 11
BL 12  BL 13  BL 14  BL 15  BL 16  BL 17
BL 18  BL 19  BL 20  BL 21  BL 22  BL 23
BL 24  BL 25  BL 26  BL 27  BL 28  BL 29
BL 30  BL 31  BL 32  BL 33  BL 34  BL 35
BL 42  BL 43  BL 44  BL 45  BL 46  BL 47
BL 48  BL 49  BL 50  BL 51  BL 52  BL 53  BL 54  BL 55  BL 56  BL 57  BL 58  BL 59  BL 60  BL 61  BL 62  
BL 63  BL 64  BL 65  BL 66  BL 67  BL 68  BL 69  BL 70  BL 71  BL 72  BL 73  BL 74  BL 75  BL 76  BL 77  
BL 78  BL 79  BL 80  BL 81  BL 82  BL 83  BL 84  BL 85  BL 86  BL 87  BL 88  BL 89  BL 90  BL 91  BL 92  
BL 93  BL 94  BL 95  BL 96  BL 97  BL 98  BL 99  BR 00  BR 01  BR 02  BR 03  BR 04  BR 05  BR 06  
BR 07  BR 08  BR 09  BR 10  BR 11  BR 12  BR 13  BR 14  BR 15  BR 16  BR 17  BR 18  BR 19  BR 20  
BR 21  BR 22  BR 23  BR 24  BR 25  BR 26  BR 27  BR 28  BR 29  BR 30  BR 31  BR 32  BR 33  BR 34  
BR 35  BR 36  BR 37  BR 38  BR 39  BR 40  BR 41  BR 42  BR 43  BR 44  BR 45  BR 46  BR 47  BR 48  
BR 49  BR 50.1  BR 50.2  BR 51  BR 52  BR 53  BR 54  BR 55  BR 56  BR 57  BR 58  BR 59  BR 60

Please share your comments and help me with the wish-list (updated every day): 

If the lost artist did not appear already and is not present on the spreadsheet of missing songs*, then it does not mean that I have forgotten this artist. It means that the discography is not complete and there are many such artists.
* Not every song/artist that is missing is included on the spreadsheet, which is overloaded already.

Lost Gems of non-Brit Artists:

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Non-Billboard Cash Box, Music Vendor (Record World) 1954-1969


On the week ending November 12, 1955, Billboard published The Top 100 for the first time. In 1959, Billboard Bubbling Under Chart has been launched. In parallel, two other charts existed on American music industry scene, Cash Box and Music Vendor.

Cash Box Top 50 between 1954 and 1956, Top 75 between 1956 and 1958, Top 100 from 1958.

Music Vendor Top 100 between 1954 and 1964, renamed Record World Top 100 in 1964.

The number of hits that entered these charts and didn’t appear on Billboard Charts (Pop, R&B, Country, AC), even as flips, was significant. Then, to have complete overview on American music industry scene from 1954 to 1969, also two "other" charts have to be taken into account*.

  • Hits that entered Billboard charts as flips, and/or entered charts other than Pop, are omitted. 
  • The research of Whitburn’s Billboard Top Pop Singles begins with the issue dated January 1, 1955 and includes songs that first charted in 1954. The Comparison Book (primary reference) lists songs that charted from October 2, 1954, i.e. songs with at least one debut date that satisfies the boundary (other debut date(s) can be earlier). 
  • Earlier 1954 non-Billboard (Whitburn’s Pop Hits) songs researched for Cash Box Pop Hits (secondary reference)  and yet not researched for the Comparison Book are also included in this project, as separate files.
  • Songs recorded by multiple artists were listed by Cash Box and Music Vendor together at one chart position.  As a rule, only "hit" secondary versions included in the Comparison Book are taken into account. However, for the 1960s the comparison is based on original CB charts and all secondary CB versions are included.

In majority, the singles are not available on CD or on the Internet, some two hundred 45s from my collection have been ripped and remastered.

Please share your comments, suggestions.

*The total number of hit singles that were not listed on Billboard Charts, as Hits or Flips: 1197
·         Cash Box 1950’s: 404 (310+94)
·         Cash Box 1960’s: 120
·         Music Vendor: 673
·         Record World: 33
Together with B-sides they create 80 Parts, 9+2 songs are missing (Music Vendor only):
The Brigadiers - Hey Mr. Banjo (alt. flip)
Ken Carson - May Heaven Forgive You
Vince Carson - Till You're Back In My Arms
Vince Carson - Homesick
Bill Cecere - Jealous Heart
Jerry Cooper - Nobody's Sweetheart
Jerry Cooper - I Ain't Got Nobody
Jerry Martin - What A Diff'rence A Day Made
Dick Roman - How Many Others
Dick Roman - I'm Your Boy
The Zanies - Rockin'-Chopin' (alt. flip)